Manan ff child marriage

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Manan ff child marriage

Enchanted - a manan ff link for new thread and part 14 in the indexl Share. Page of Go Next Last. Posted: 4 years ago. Hey guys this a new ff on manan. I hope u guys will like this story also like my other work. And a huge thank you to paarsa for her support, suggestions and inputs.

manan ff child marriage

This story is specially dedicated to u. Hope u'll like it. Nandini belonged to a middle class family and her father works in manik's company. They were very fond of each other.

Maniks parents considered her as their own daughter and treated her like that. Nandinis father was a very loyal person in his work and personal life and due to his this quality another business man named Khurana wanted nandinis father to work for him but he refused.

So khurana decides to take revenge from him. So khurana proves with fake evidences that nandinis father was working with them to destroy them. This depressed harsh. But nandinis parents decided to confront and clear the misunderstanding but before they could do something they met with an accident and died on the spot.

Harsh came to know about the truth himself and felt guilty for not trusting nandinis father. Harsh and nyonika decided to take her responsibility. But nandinis chacha chachi was fixing her marriage with mentally and physically disabled guys just for money. So harsh and nyonika asked manik to marry nandini and he obliged without any argument.

He didn't love her but for his parents and her safety he agreed for the marriage. But the case was different with nandini. She was just 19 and she had to stop her studies cuz of the marriage. Manik was 5 years older than her. He started his career as a director and also look after his fathers business.

Nandini fell for him hard and mad. She fell in love with him more and more everyday. They had physical relation everyday but manik didn't love her. He cared for her but not love. She had a miscarriage but manik took it lightly cuz she was too young to handle it.

Son of harsh and nyonika malhotra. He is a big celebrity director and also the number one business tycon. He is a bad boy and a big time flirt. He changes girlfriends every week but never cross his limits. He may kiss them but never had physical relation. Married to Nandini Moorthy.

They make love every night.Page of 3 Go Next Last.

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Posted: 4 years ago. Guy's I'm going to update a new story.

arshi ff forcibly yours

Girls drools over him. O of manholtra ndustries. One of the top most companies in the world. Loves his family very much. For outside people he is an very aggressivearrogant guy.

But for his family he is their protector. But from 6 years he is got more angrier and a stone - hearted person after an incident. The only person who can control him, understand him and knows how to breaks his wall which he has made in his heart is his best friend nandini for whom he can do anything to make her smile and can burn the whole world.

If anyone tries to harm her. Nandini singhania - a 25 years old the most beautiful girl with a preetiest smile which can melt a stone - hearted person also. The youngest chief commander in C. I but the most successful and intelligent commander in comparison of others commanders who is older than her.

Instantly she is staying in San Francisco for a case. She is away from her homefamily and friends from 6 years because she is travelling continuously from one country to another because as soon as she finishes a case, a new case arrived because of that she doesn't not have come to India from 6 years and also she doesn't get any time to speak to anyone from 1 month.

She is a heartless person and very cruel in her punishments when it came to her work. Her best friend name is manik for whom she can do anything. Cabir manholtra - he is 26 years old, very handsome guy. Brother of manik and husband of navya from 3 years loves her very much and also his family. O of manholtra industries. A very jolly person. A very good - hearted person. Very good friend of nandini and misses her a lot because neither he has seen her and talk to her from 6 long years.Page of 1 Go.

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Posted: 3 years ago. This was not the life he had ever imagined even in his nightmares. He is alive, just ALIVE, barren of all emotionsall the love and affection he was once filled up with. One accidentjust one accident and his life rotated upside down. It was their first marriage anniversary. They were so happyespecially Aliaafter all her husband who she dated for 1 year before marriage and the young couple tied the sacred knot last year and started their conjugal life blissfully.

Alia and Manik met in their high school and were good friends initially. Alia and Manik both bragged from the riches families of Mumbai. Same background, same lifestyleManik's personality and Alia's beauty all together and their young crazy infatuation made them a couple in their last year of graduation. After dating for a year, with both the families consent, they had grand wedding and was passing a blissfulyoungcarefree married life.

Everything was going perfectly. Perfect family, perfect hubbyperfect bank balance. Their anniversary was going perfectly right from their 12 am surprise to going to their farmhouse for another honeymoon. But everything changed in that road to the farmhouse where all on a sudden ,a truck coming from the opposite side loosing its break, collided with Manik's car.

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After that incidentthe couple were immediately taken to the nearby hospital by the local people. After contacting with their parentsthe couple was taken to the Mumbai Jaslok hospital. It was Alia who was badly injured since the track came from her side on the other handManik was driving the car, so he wasn't that injured.

After that day Manik gradually recovered but it was Alia who slipped into coma. Now all Manik is left withhis daily routine of going to the officethen to the hospital where he remain sitting silently in the waiting room for god knows how long staring at the ceiling and then coming back home. This one accident took away all his happiness, all the peace of mind. After that dark nighthe almost stopped talking unless it's important whereas he's the same guy who used to be the popular guy in his high school for his all time fun loving talkative personality.

In Delhi Nandini and Aryaman. It was an arranged marriage but Nandini had no problem with it.Nandani enters her mansion. She is wearing a spotless white shirt with three quarter sleeves, tucked in a cream colour trouser. She runs to her mother and hugs her from back. N mom: mera bachcha kitna hardworking h!

Nandini: dad ar bhai ko kuch paperwork discuss karna tha lawyer se toh they will get late. Nandini went up in her room. Sheetal murthy saw them comingso she ordered the servants to bring coffee for all of them as soon as nandini comes down.

manan ff child marriage

Page of Go Next Last. Posted: 4 years ago. Firstly thanks for starting a new story Pls update soon Nandini: mom i m back N Mom: arey mera bachcha office se agaya!! Nandini: mom office was hectic but i managed. N mom: oki will get u coffee. Nandini: ok mum Nandini went up in her room.

Really liking the concept. N the concept of arranged marriage is always my favourite. Do pm me. Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan. Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 3 Screening 1 years ago.Im so much in love with this story. Update is awesome but short after so many days. Feeling bad for Khushi. Waiting for Arnav's reaction when he come to know what damage he caused.

Anjali is being selfish here. Please update asap and regualry please. Im reading this story again and again from the start and waiting for u to update. Once again I love all ur stories espeacially this one is my favourite. Saturday, 6 August Khushi is in her cabin when Akash entered. She smiled to him but he faked a smile. They both discussed it for an half an hour. Even after discussing, Akash still sat lost in his thoughts.

She will feel betrayed when she see Arnav suddenly. Akash looked at her shocked. You are tyring to say it from the past half an hour.

Akash nodded as yes and got up from his chair. He came around to her and sat on his knees. Keep in mind always that this friend will always be with you.

It was from her mother. You go amma.

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So amma wants to go visit her. Khushi just smiled to him. In Newyork:. Nothing much I am taking. Arnav nodded his head and Arjun left from there. In India, evening:. The door is closed from the past two and half years. She entered the room and found the sound coming from poolside. She went to poolside and found some workers building a glass railing around the pool. Anjali, Nk and Lavanya are present there. I opened the door. Ratna looked at her angrily.

Ratna gave an unbelievable look at her daughter who is asking to make Guptas away from family function. No family function will be completed without them. Everyone looked at the door only to find Avinash along with Akash, Khushi and Payal standing there.They were finally on their owneach stared at the other not knowing what to do or say.

Both speechlessstrangers tied in the bonds of wedlock knowing whats expected of them but not really wanting to take the next step. Khushi woke up and leant over to Arnav and kissed him full on the lipschildren or no children.

manan ff child marriage

Suddenly Khushi was stifling her laughter and clamped her hand over her mouth. There was 4 year old Arran under the chair busy tying his grandfathers leg to the dining room chair. Khushi walked over to him and dropped an open tin of flour next to him. The fine film of flour landed all over him and Arron. The kids laughed even more, when mum wanted to get even with dad she would often drop tins of flour next to him covering himmaking him have to change his clothes and have another shower. Arran saw the naughty glint in his grandfathers eyes.

All three of his children recognised that look — oh there was going to be some fireworks and fun. Khushi started to speak but no voice came out. This was family time. Her whole family gathered round for breakfast her children their partners ,their grand children ,soon Di and her family ,Nk and his Lavanya Akash and Payal and Karan.

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Her house would be full and busting at the seams with love and laughter. Arnav saw her from the table her eyes brimming with tears. Arnav watched his sister get lynched by his children he held back and place a an arm around Khushi waist and hugged her. He pulled her into himself and stood there waiting to give his sister a long hug. All the cousins got well but Manraj or Raj as Khushi called him held a very special place in her heart. She was looking over Di to catch sight of him. He had given strict orders for everyone to be here.

They had all better listen to him no one but no one was going to cause her any tears today.

Khushi had started to chew her lip and bite her nails. The smile in her eyes was slowly fading. He dumped the bags on the floor and ran up to his aunt touched her feet and then gave a huge hug followed by a kiss. Manraj had his arm drapped over his aunts shoulder. Arnav to be annoying asked can I have my wife back. Gone will be my suits.

Arnav left them smiling — Best of enemieshe called them. They fought like cat and dog but god help any one who said a bad word against either of them ,Nisha would fight for her brothers like a she cat and they for her. In fact the whole of the Raizada clan was like that. Each individual free to pursue their dream but should anyone say a bad word against any of them the cousins would close ranks protect each other and fight like an army.

He could see Khushi talking to their youngest in the pool roomhe definitely looked uncomfortable. Arnav retreated rapidlythat was her no nonsense voicethe mother lioness protecting her cub voice. He knew from experience not to interfere. A long while later they appeared with a red faced Arshi. Arnav grabbed her hand and pulled her with him towards his officeKhushi almost running to keep up with him.

Arnav shut the study door ,no one was allowed in the study when Khushi and Arnav were in thereotherwise any of the kids could come and go as they pleased. They met the girls over there whilst studyingboth are now back in Dehli now.

They are coming tomorrow.Nandini Khanna is a straight forward girl. Manik came inside the room. I love you baby. Manik : Nandini… Nandini turned… Nandini : oh.

Nandini : umm. I want to tell u something… Manik : ok. I love someone else. I have a boyfriend. The only girl he gave place in his heart is saying all these to him. Nandini : bcz of my parents. But no. Why me?!!

I mean ok. Nandini : I said na.

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But this Maddy na. So I had to marry u…. Nandini : For divorce we have to stay together 6months. Manik was unable to sleep. Manik woke up nearly at 8am. He looked at Nandini. Nandini was sleeping lyk a cute baby. Manik admired her unknowingly…he went towards her. Nandini went to washroom. Manik : umm. Nandini took a light pink color sari. Manik was in the hall with everyone. Suddenly someone said -wow. Cabir : manik. I know whatever happened is wrong. But I want to ask something.

Just give the answer honestly…. Manik took a deep breath… Manik : yeah. Cabir : hmm…manik. Nandini : what r u doing here?? Manik : nothing much.


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